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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Turn Nauru Into Transtopia

Here's an off-the-wall idea that has some appeal to me ... as a long-time Transtopian fantasist and world traveler....

The desert island nation of Nauru needs money badly, and has a population of less than 15,000

There are problems with water supply, but they could surely be solved with some technical ingenuity.

The land area is about 8 square miles. But it could be expanded! Surely it's easier to extend an island with concrete platforms or anchored floating platforms of some other kind, than to seastead in the open ocean.

The country is a democracy. Currently it may not be possible to immigrate there except as a temporary tourist or business visitor. But I'd bet this could be made negotiable.

Suppose 15,000 adult transhumanists (along with some kids, one would assume) decided to emigrate to Nauru en masse over a 5-year period, on condition they could obtain full citizenship. Perhaps this could be negotiated with the Nauruan government.

Then after 5 years we would have a democracy in which transhumanists were the majority.

Isn't this the easiest way to create a transhumanist nation? With all the amazing future possibilities that that implies?

This would genuinely be of benefit to the residents of Nauru, which now has 90% unemployment. Unemployment would be reduced close to zero, and the economy would be tremendously enlarged. A win-win situation. Transhumanists would get freedom, and Nauruans would get a first-world economy.

Considerable infrastructure would need to be built. A deal would need to be struck with the government, in which, roughly,

  • They agreed to allow a certain number of outsiders citizenship, and to allow certain infrastructure development
  • Over a couple years, suitable infrastructure was built to supply electrical power, Internet, more frequent flights, etc.
  • Then, over a few years after that, the new population would flow in

This much emigration would make Nauru crowded, but not nearly as crowded as some cities. And with a seasteading mindset, it's easy to see that the island is expandable.

To ensure employment of the relocated transhumanists, we would need to get a number of companies to agree to open Nauru offices. But this would likely be tractable, given the preference of firms to have offices in major tech centers. Living expenses in Nauru would be much lower than in, say, Silicon Valley, so expenses would be lower.

Tourism could become a major income stream, given the high density of interesting people which would make Nauru into a cultural mecca. Currently there is only one small beach on Nauru (which is said to be somewhat dirty), but creation of a beautiful artificial beach on the real ocean is not a huge technological feat.

It would also be a great place to experiment with aquaculture and vertical farming.

What say you? Let's do it!


Other candidates for the tropical island Transtopia besides Nauru would be Tuvalu and Kiribati; but Kiribati's population is much larger, and Tuvalu is spread among many islands, and is also about to become underwater due to global warming. So Nauru would seem the number one option. Though, Tuvalu could be an interesting possibility also, especially if we offered to keep the island above water by building concrete platforms or some such (a big undertaking, but much easier than seasteading). This would obviously be a major selling point to the government.


Graham said...

Hi Ben,

I like the general concept!

I've always thought that New Zealand would be an ideal place for a little nudging towards libertarian/transhuman ideals (hope you don't mind me putting these ideologies side-by-side, but they often coincide).

It's already got a great attitude and has fantastic resources. If Google and a few other companies relocated there, it would have an incredible income/citizen ratio and could be a hotbed of innovation.


Kennita said...

There might need to be significant cultural shifting if transhumanists were to emigrate there. From Wikipedia:

Nauru's national Motto is "God's Will First"

Anonymous said...

This is a nice idea.

But I think that this is not a win-win situation for in exchange to first-class economy transhumanist will essentially expropriate the island from its inhabitants.

However, there are many other possible opportunities. There are already a lot of attempts to found new independente countries world-wide, and one of the most promising one is that of re-utilizing oil sea platforms

Anonymous said...

Breaking free (even from humanity)

Mitchell said...

Why am I so cynical? But this sort of idea has been around forever. And I think you overestimate the value-added for Nauru of having "15,000 adult transhumanists" show up. Most transhumanists are computer programmers looking forward to the happy day when the whole of physical reality becomes as conveniently malleable as the virtual inside of a computer. It is only an exceptional minority who are already involved with and competent in physical disciplines like chemistry and biology.

Any such project, at the very least, will have to hook up with some other technical movements which have the competencies necessary for aquaculture, architecture, and all the other disciplines (those are just the "A"s) that this experiment in transhumanist nation-building would require. (The Venus Project comes to mind as a potential ally, though one with a lot of baggage.) And then there's the whole political, financial, and cultural dimension. Someone has to cut a deal with the existing Nauruan power structure; someone has to organize the transhumanist masses - i.e. there has to be political order among the immigrants too. People have to get to know Nauruan culture and the Nauruan environment. Partners have to be found among the existing Nauruans. Oh, and the whole thing will cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. And again, when I ask myself, what are the core competencies, the contributions, that 15,000 transhumanists bring to an enterprise, none of that comes to mind.

When it comes to the nation-building and infrastructure-building, most of those posthuman-wannabe coders will just be along for the ride - dead weight, waiting for someone else to finance and build the homes, roads, electricity grid, etc, ad infinitum, that they expect their new transhuman nation to be equipped with.

Mitchell said...

So what are some examples of booming techno-urbanism? Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai. The financial hub of the Middle East and the biggest cities in India and China. To me, that's more what you should be looking for. You shouldn't seek to take over a small, struggling sovereign state with your co-subculturists, so as to make life one long Burning Man camp-out. You should look for an already functioning society with depth, resilience, and dynamism. The model should be Akihabara, not Easter Island.

Anonymous said...

If I had ham, I'd make some ham and eggs ... if I had eggs!

Ben Goertzel said...

Mitchell said:

You should look for an already functioning society with depth, resilience, and dynamism. The model should be Akihabara, not Easter Island.

That depends on your goals.... If you want to minimize dependence on the legal and cultural frameworks of conventional, Luddite society, then you need to be somewhere that future-minded, open-minded people are the majority and have dramatic influence. Dubai and Tokyo are not that.

But, just to be clear: My preferred version of the good old Transtopian vision is not to create an informationally or materially isolated enclave. I'm assuming most Transtopian residents would
work for off-island companies via the Net.

Of course, setting up something like this well would take orders of magnitude more money than I have. But it could be started by, say, some visionary billionaire starting a "fancy resort + hi-technology park" on Nauru or some appropriate target location ;)

Anyway, this is not an idea I'm going to be spending a lot of time on in the near future, as I lack the resources to implement it, and I have lots of other priorities to keep me busy.

But I think it would be damn interesting if some person or organization with appropriate resources wanted to take it up. So I just wanted to put this tweak on Transtopianism out there into the collective mind-space....

Anonymous said...

It's been tried and it's called imperialism. For you say nothing about those inhabitants. What you want is not some here-unexplained "freedom," but exploitation and domination. I suggest you send them some money. Wherever you live, it's probably tax deductible. Failing that, how abouf giving Mars a try.

Ben Goertzel said...

Hey Anonymous --

I don't want to exploit anybody. As noted, this would raise the standard of living of Nauruans considerably. And it would open a way broader scope of possibilities for their children.

If the Nauruan people were ripe for exploitation, believe me, it would have been done already.

Also, Nauru is a democracy, so this whole plan wouldn't happen unless the democratically elected gov't of Nauru agreed to it.

What I meant "freedom" is, in large part, freedom from prosecution for victimless crimes like experimentation with cognitive enhancer drugs, like stem cell therapy and human cloning, like DYI brain-computer interfacing, like the advanced AI research that some countries may try to ban in future.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Obviously the idea described in this post is a "thought experiment" which, even if it happens in spirit, may not happen in a highly similar way to what the post describes. But I don't want the thought experiment misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ben. That's OK. I was describing experience in the late 19th Century. So I hope it can be well-handled bu transhumanists today.

Here's one cautionary note, based on my experiences as a European who has intimate knowledge of six countries. It might be the case that the island is an electoral democracy. But the elected people might be more than willing to betray their constituency. This, I admit, would be difficult with such a small (hopefully alert) population. So there might be a chance. But I've seen sell-outs and sell-offs in several countries with reasonably small populations. Much depends on this alertness *and* the *continued* good-will of the transhumanist immigrants. More importantly, it also depends on the intentions and continued good-will of the companies invited in, during their negotiations with the democratically chosen governments. I've simply seen too much go wrong in several countries, because these points of basic decency weren't kept in mind (or never were in mind). Well, I'm glad to hear that this is a thought-experimewnt :)

Mark Antony said...

I'm ready to emigrate. sooner the better I feel a bit stifled at the ratio of Saps around me, but can we change the island name to Atlantis, it sounds synonymous to a place were Transhumanists live and evolve. Oh don't know if its politically correct to call Homo Sapiens Saps, they are sapping me of my transhumanistic strength trying to assimilate me, hurry up everybody!

George Berger said...

@Mark Antony--Have no fear, you are PC. In Latin "homo" can but need not mean roughly "Mankind," The correct Latin term for a male is "vir," as in "virile." i think this is a borderline case though, since a self-made male was called a "homo novus," new man (an upstart in politics like Cicero). Oh what the hell, i'm the previous two anonymi.

Giulio Prisco said...

Of course the target should be chosen carefully, Nauru may or may not be the best choice.

Nauru is mentioned in the _very good_ science fiction novel Daemon by Daniel Suarez

as "the smallest and most remote republic in the world" and an international center for dirty shadow financial deals.

Count me in. When do we move?

Of course at this moment the transhumanist community is too small to include 15.000 persons willing to move to a remote place, but we all want the community to grow. When we will be a couple of millions, there will be 15.000 willing to move to Nauru (or another candidate). Our nation will become a "Cosmosia", the name of the Cosmist enclave in Hugo de Garis' book.

To and with a good laugh see this angry and idiotic rant of bioluddite blogger Carrico:

Geordie said...

Hi Ben

A while back I was discussing venture capital with a friend and the question of how to invest a big fund came up. At the time there were lots of $1B funds, we were talking about why no $10B or $100B venture funds. The answer's pretty simple I think -- hard to manage something that big and get venture returns because you'd need to be making $1B+ investments and having a shot at 100x returns.

So we started bullshitting about where you could invest say $10B and get a 100x return. One of the ideas that we talked about was buying an island and creating a private country. You'd make it heavily science and technology based and super positive for business, low tax rates, etc.

This is one of the few ways we could think of to turn $10B into $1T that might actually work.

Ben Goertzel said...


Yes, I agree with your post -- it's a savvy idea.

Creating a private country could indeed turn $10 billion into a trillion dollars over a tractable period of time.

But it would have to be done very carefully and intelligently, of course. You'd need to avoid the sterility associated with the image of a "company town." You'd need to create a socio-system including artists, musicians, writers and so forth, as well as scientists and programmers ... create a place with a real culture of creativity, as well as one of practical productivity.

And of course it wouldn't really need to be done in a small country like Nauru, nor would it really need to be a physical island -- Nauru is a real possibility, but also a convenient symbolization of the idea. The same thing could potentially be done within various existing countries, if the national leadership were willing to guarantee the right sort of treatment for the new "colony."

Great visions.... Unfortunately I don't have $10B to spare, do you?

So I guess it's back to the AI research for now ;-) ...

Ben Goertzel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben Goertzel said...

BTW I have responded to Dale Carrico's amusing but disortive lampoon of this post, in the comments on on his blog:


Giulio Prisco said...

Ben, don't waste your time debating Carrico. Besides being an idiot, he is so intellectually dishonest that, if you say 2+2=4, he will claim that you said 4+4=2 and insult you for it.

Some of us used to debate him, also because he was a member of the transhumanist community before being kicked out, but we have stopped bothering. Believe me, better ignoring him.

Fledi said...

Oh sorry Ben, somehow the entire discussion slipped past without me noticing it sooner.

So I will just post a few thoughts about the topic based on the experience of living 10 months on a faraway island (St Helena in my case)

Let's have a look at it's history first.
The island was uninhabited in pre-Columbian times. It was used first as a freshwater source by Portuguese sailors en route to America.
First permanent settlement was established in mid 17th century.
It became an important station for British ships on the way to India.
After the Suez Canal was completed, the island lost its importance and a time of economic decline followed that is still not over. In the course of the past century, population dropped from 10000 to about 4000 today. The island would be able to support many more with its land area of more than 100 km².

So who is living there today and in what conditions?

There are several groups:
- Fishermen
- Veterans of the Falkland war
- Government employees from Britain
- Sects (Jehova's Witnesses is an example)
- Recently some small internet business owners

Jobs are bad on the island, unless you are employed with the government or independent. Standard maintenance work pays some 5000 Pounds (St. Helenian Pounds, at parity with British) a year.

The weather is OK in the summer, which is comparable to a Central European one. The "winter" can get somewhat cold, down to 5°C at night, which is cold if you have no heating in your home (as is usual there) at all :-)

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful with lot's of mountains and a is hiker's dream. The only thing they lack is a white sand beach.

Fledi said...

One can buy basic household goods on the island, but anything high tech will have to be shipped in using the Royal Mail Ship, the last remaining one of the British Empire ;-)

Society is fairly democratic, with some people being extremely religious while others (original islanders!) completely turned they back on religion, I guess because of the ways of the former. And then you have everything in between.

I left the island in the spring 2010, as intended, to go home to family and for business purposes.

So what do I think of the future? First, I enjoyed it there, the people where friendly and very welcoming. I firmly believe the internet will transform this island into a paradise (in many ways it already is) once it becomes widely and cheaply available for everyone living there. Would I go back? Definitely, but next time with all the resources to help them set up local small scale production of I hope fairly advanced goods (depends on what DIY will be able to accomplish in the coming years)
By the way it costs about 500 Pounds a month to live there, including a rent of a 3 bedroom house with ocean view, food, electricity and water and a car. The tap water quality is bad, however there are other sources of water that have drinking quality.

They made a law to make it impossible for foreigners to own land on the island, after some rich guy tried to buy the whole thing. But after you lived there for a longer time they would let you buy property, at least they were starting to tell me about empty houses to buy near the end of my stay.

Healthcare is not really good, if you are neither St. Helenian nor British you must pay 70 Pounds before a Doctor will even look at you. In serious cases your chances of survival are way less than on a continent, due to the lack of air access. But an airport is already in early stages of construction, but work was halted for the time being after the financial crisis (it was sponsored by the British govenment).

As you see there are several groups already living their own small ways of life on the island, transhumanist can do so, too, as long as they don't become so many suddenly that they push aside the other groups, but a small settlement, one at a time would be no problem. I also believe some islanders would be interested in transhumanism anyway. A lot can be done to improve their level of education, I hope the internet will play a key role in this.

I could continue to write about the experience for hours, but let me finish it here for now. If you have any specific questions I would be glad to answer them, though.

Fledi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fledi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fledi said...

Sorry removed double post

mjgeddes said...

What about Edinburgh, Scotland as the center of a transhumanist revolution? Great place Edinburgh, filled with writers and would-be relovutionaries, one of Europe's most beautiful cities and a big cool castle right smack in the middle!

To transhumanists disillustrated with arid emphasis on IQ and over intellectualism, wanting a much more romantic strand, I say to you all, get to Edinburgh and join my 'hackers' revolution! Creativity, imagination and aesthetic taste are the catch-words of my movement.

Dave W Baldwin said...

Regarding money, remember over in Europe somebody is proposing a 'island' of blondes. The non-blondes basically can gain temporary VISA's to visit as they pay money to the blondes.

sabril said...

Ben, you might want to take a look at some of the early Zionist literature, for example this:

Jabotinsky (in hindsight correctly) points out that the Arabs living in Palestine would be very much against Jewish immigration even if it means a big increase in their standard of living.

So too it would be with Nauru I expect.

John Dee said...

Reminds me of the individualist anarchist piece 'Visit Port Watson!',
originally published in the book Semiotext(e) SF, edited by Rudy Rucker, Robert Anton Wilson, and Peter Lamborn Wilson.For the text see:

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