Monday, November 16, 2009

Dream of the Multiversal Cylinder

(I usually reserve this blog for speculations on intellectual topics, but last night I had a dream that seemed sufficiently interesting to post here. So, here goes ;-) ....

In this dream, I moved to a strange foreign nation, and met a beautiful girl there whose ex-boyfriend was making her life very difficult, yet who she was still somehow attached to....

His martial arts expertise alarmed me, and so together with the mother of a friend who lived in this same strange place -- a very short, hunchbacked old lady who walked with a cane and wore a funny straw hat -- I went to a weird old-fashioned section of the city, where we did two things.

First, we paid some old white-bearded "witch doctor" to cast a magical spell on the ex-boyfriend, which caused him to forget having ever known the girl, haha.

Then, we went to a strange store full of ancient relics, and bought this cylindrical wooden container, which I was supposed to keep in my bedroom for good luck, but not to open.

The girl and I walked along the beach and the ex-boyfriend walked right past and showed no sign of recognizing her. This freaked her out a bit, and she asked me to have the spell undone on Dec. 21 2012.

Then I went back to my house, which I suddenly shared with the girl, and of course I had to open the wooden cylinder. She kept telling me not to, but I had to anyway. I opened one end of it, prying it open with a screwdriver, and inside the small cylinder was an infinite space -- a whole multiverse of possibilities.

She just kept staring inside it, looking intent but not saying anything. I asked if she wanted me to close it; but she shook her head no. There were millions of these little intelligent creatures in there, which could see our (and everything's) past and future.... Clearly she was absorbing a lot of knowledge from them ... and so was I ... but it was also clear that we were absorbing somewhat different things.

Then, we looked at each other and, without words, asked each other if we should dive into one of those universes or stay in this one. It was clear that in those universes we could still exist as individuals (and could still be with each other); but would exist in radically different form (some form not constrained by time, though there were other constraints not comprehensible in human terms).

Gradually, we collectively realized that we did not feel like entering that other multiverse at that particular time.

Then, she gave me a look that meant something like: "I will never be afraid of anything relating to human society anymore, nor be afraid of my own emotions, because I can see that this whole world of you and me and humanity and Earth is just a sort of artistic construction, which exists for aesthetic purposes. We have chosen to remain in this universe so as to remain part of this artwork ... "

... and then her unspoken thought faded out before it was done, because someone was in the house walking around and we got distracted by wondering who it was...

... and then I woke up because of the noise of my dad walking around downstairs in my house (he was visiting last night)

... and I tried to fall back asleep so as to re-enter the dream, but failed ...