Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hi all,

I have launched a second blog, which is called Post-Interesting


and I have invited a number of my friends to join me in posting to it (we'll see if any of them actually get around to it!).

The idea is that this current blog ("Multiverse According to Ben") will contain more personal-experience and personal-opinion type entries, whereas Post-Interesting will be more magazine-like, containing reviews, interesting links, and compact summaries of highly crisp scientific or philosophical ideas.... (Of course, even my idea of "magazine-like" contains a lot of personal opinions!)

Not that I really have time to maintain one blog let alone two, but from time to time I seem to be overtaken by an irresistable desire to expunge massive amounts of verbiage ;-D

If people make a lot of interesting posts to Post-Interesting then one day it will be a multimedia magazine and put Wired and Cosmopolitan out of business! (For now I just put three moderately interesting initial posts there....)

-- Ben


Mentifex said...

Good luck with your new Post-Interesting blog. I will have to link to it from http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/agiradar.html#goertzel -- my new "AGI Radar" webpage.

Patrick said...

I'll link it to my blog too, as well as submit the occasional bit of content, for your consideration.

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