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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glocal memory, neural nets, AI, psi

The dichotomy between localized and globalized (distributed) memory in the brain and world is pretty much bullcrap.

For a long time I've had the idea of harmonizing the two, and the Novamente and OpenCog AGI designs incorporate this harmony, as do the speculative brain theories I proposed in my books in the 1990s.

But I never really articulated the concept of global/local ... i.e. glocal ... memory in a general way before, which I've now done in a semi-technical essay called "Glocal Memory"

I decided to write up the glocal memory stuff now because I'm writing a technical paper on glocal Hopfield neural nets and glocal attention allocation in OpenCog, and I wanted to have something to reference in the paper on glocal-memory-in-general, and there wasn't anything....

In case that's not odd enough for you, I also posted another essay using the glocal memory concept to give a possible model for how psi might work, building on others' ideas regarding filter and transmission models of mind:


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