Saturday, April 24, 2010

Modeling Consciousness, Self and Will Using Hypersets

I finally did a more careful write-up of some ideas I developed in blog posts a while ago, about how to model reflective consciousness, self and will using hypersets (non-foundational sets)

Even if you don't want to read the paper, look at the pictures at the end -- Figure 6 is pleasantly wacky and Figure 8 has a nice painting by my daughter in it....

Bask in the transreal glory of the fractallic mind!!! ;-D


Matthew Fuller said...

Is the color of your bird in real life the same as the painting? I happen to have a blue crown conure.

BTW, when the money tree recursively explodes through a myriad of AGI applications, will you EVER clean up your own house?

I am saving up now to afford this tech, even if it takes 50 years.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this PDF, though I barely understood it. I'll have to read it 20 or 30 more times :)

I am dying for someone with your intellectual caliber to write an analysis of this:

It's been really bugging me lately.

Mitchell said...

Don't forget the octonions! (If you still have room for them in your mind.)

Anonymous said...

great work, I am going to reread and attempt to think about implementing some of the ideas in code (Python).