Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Morphic Anti-Resonance

Morphic resonance — in which patterns that have previously occurred are more likely to re-occur — is a powerful force, characteristic of human minds and cultures and also of the quantum world (cf Smolin’s Precedence Principle)

But it’s also interesting to think about cases in which morphic anti-resonance holds...

I.e. with  morphic anti-resonance, when a pattern occurs, it is then LESS likely than otherwise would have been the case, to occur again...

Advanced financial markets could perhaps be like this (because a pattern once it's occurred is an exploitable behavior, so whomever sees the pattern has already been exploited may be extra-disinclined to enact it again)

The decline effect in psi could also be like this... once an experiment has worked, anti-resonance will cause it to stop working…

Now, it might seem anti-resonance is also a meta-level regularity expoitable by intelligence ... except that via reflexive application to itself, once anti-resonance kicks in, it will kick itself out ;D

Trickstery indeed…

What if clusters of morphic resonance are somehow balanced by clusters of morphic anti-resonance, leaving the overall cosmos morphically neutral-on-average but wildly high-variance...?

Toward a Formal Model of This Madness/Anti-Madness

If we look at the distribution over patterns in the multiverse, where p(R) indicates the probability of observing pattern R during a certain big chunk of spacetime, then

Compared to a multiverse with no such oddities,

  • A multiverse w/ morphic resonance will have a more pointy, peaked (i.e. lower entropy) distribution p()
  • A multiverse w/ morphic anti-resonance will have a flatter (i.e. higher entropy) distribution p()

So if we assume we have a multi-multiverse described as a probability distribution over multiverses, then we may posit that the average multiverse has a no-resonance p(), but this is achieved via having some multiverses with higher-entropy p() and some with lower-entropy p()

Path integrals must then be taken in the multi-multiverse not any base multiverse

Psi would then be a mix of

  • Morphic resonance and anti-resonance phenomena
  • Shifts from one multiverse to another, which involve shifts in the entropy of the multiversal pattern-probability distribution

Also note -- an observing mind's reality may be a paraconsistent patchwork of probability distributions (multiverses) rather than a single consistent  multiverse...

Dialectics of Creativity

Going further out on the limb -- Perhaps morphic resonance and anti-resonance enact the dialectic dance of creation vs. destruction?

I am reminded of economics approaches where anti-money is used in place of debt,

In economics the conserved-ish quantity is money, in physics it's energy, and in morphic pattern-omics it's synchronicity (degree of spooky resonance).   

Conservation of synchronicity suggests that a bit of morphic resonance over here is balanced out by a bit of morphic anti-resonance over there.   That's how morphic resonance can exist without morphically resonating the cosmos into a repetitive mush...


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