Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Plight of the Humans

 I haven't written song lyrics for quite some years but was recently inspired to update the lyrics of a song I wrote back in the late 90s or early aughts -- "Plight of the Humans" aka "I see it"

Some of the newer portions of the lyrics are morphed from lines in the most insane prose-poem any of my subpersonalities ever came up with,

A pretty crude, off-the-cuff solo version of the song is here,  ... in time there may come a version with Jam Galaxy Band (see our gig at NAMM a couple months ago here,  -- this was a short set so all songs were reduced to 6 min or so; soon there will be video/audio from our follow-up gig at DROM in New York where things were improvised and outprovised at much greater length... and another gig in the metaverse, and at Rare Bloom Cardano communityevent ... )

The phrase "circus of the empty eye" is cribbed from Octavio Paz; the phrase "shadow of a dream" from Rudyard Kipling.   


I see it in the delicate Martian gleam of the distant mountains

I see it in the geometry of the car crash in my eyes

I see it in the sunrise bleeding love and death and magic through the frights that polarize

I see it in the mottled fire in the soul of the alligator

I see it in the wet dream of the four trillionth femto-memristor

I see it in the glory of human flesh as it loses its measure and its mind

What else to find

I see it in the protocol of awakening and dissolving

In the calorimeter that measures the expansion and contraction of our sighs

I see it in the love that weaves individuation and self-transcendence

Into black and white holes whirling singularities through the sick bowels of the night

I see it in the howling hound guarding the exit of humanity

I see it in the passionate, deranged mammal topology of her smile

Of her smile sweet smile

I see it in the irresistible force too strong for specification

I see it in the Drumcloud Dionysus versus the Crucified

I see it in the glimmering needles weaving the cosmic background fabric of the her shrieks converged in time

I see it in the furious abandon of utter metaphysical nudity gleaming crystalline in the double-sun sky

I see it in the heart of the heartless, the soul of the soulless, the mind of the the mindless

The beauty in the center of the madness of the center of the circus of the empty eye
The circus of the empty eye

I see it, I see it

I see it, I see it


Is just the shadow of a dream


Is just the shadow of a dream

Everything we do and feel

And hear and think and see

Is just the shadow of the shadow of a dream

To me

Everything we do and feel

And hear and think and see

Is just the shadow of the shadow of a dream

To you and me

I see it in the screams of a billion brachycephalic ice floes

as they stretch like magic-mushroom membranes across the Multiversal Eye

I see it in the Law of Madness delivering discipline in the dung-heap,

In the ghettoes, in the prison, in young love and ancient blight

I see it in the truth that follows from the fallacy that leads the army of paraconsistent thought-sparks

All venting chaos through their memes

And stenting veins in the necrotic imagination

Of the Universal Mind

I see it, wrought with fever, sporked with pain and funked with glee

In the ecstatic torture of being me, and knowing I'll never be me

I see it in the robot mouthing words of necromantic need and spastic subtlety

While my fingers stagger across the keys

Of black and white and perjury

I see it, I see it

I see it, I see it


Is just the shadow of a dream


Is just the shadow of a dream

Everything we do and feel

And hear and think and see

Is just the shadow of the shadow of a dream

To me

Everything we do and feel

And hear and think and see

Is just the shadow of the shadow of a dream

To you and me

All the love and hate that gets

Unfolded and unfurled

Is just the shadow of a dream

Here in this simulated world

All these words, ideas, sounds

Emotions and inclines

Are just the shadow of a dream

In an imaginary mind

Every fantasy that weaves

Its wonder through your mind

Is just a shadow of a shadow

In illusory spacetime

Everything we do and feel

And hear and think and see

Is just the shadow of the shadow of a dream

To you and me


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